Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas was good. It was the same as all holidays - wonderful time at my parent's house, lots of stupid drama at the in-laws. We aren't actually finished yet, because we were so busy visiting and running around that Santa never had a chance to stop at our house. Emma (and Steve) are napping right now and I just set all her stuff out in front of the tree, so we will take care of that as soon as she wakes up. She has already received so many gifts that I think we could probably have skipped getting her anything ourselves and it wouldn't have mattered. I forgot how many things we got her until I was getting it all out again, and it seems a little ridiculous now that one little girl would get so many presents. I'll have to remember that next year. Her favorite things that she got so far were, of course, frilly girly dress-up type things.

I didn't finish my Christmas knitting, or even come close, but that's okay. I did these washcloths (from Mason-Dixon Knitting) for a few people and gave them with soap.

My main project was making slippers (from a Little Turtle Knits pattern) for everyone in my family-my mom, dad, three brothers, one brother's finacee, Emma, and myself. Out of 16 slippers I had to do, I finished six. Oops. Hopefully I can finish the others within the next couple months.

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mom said...

We are thrilled with the cozy slippers!