Thursday, December 21, 2006

I am going to be disappointed when Christmas is over and we stop getting all this good mail. We got TWELVE cards yesterday and NINE today! As Emma, who has not yet mastered her "sm" sound, says, "Holy pokes!"

Why is it that things always seem much better in the morning? Last night I was feeling pretty down. Emma never really took a nap yesterday, and consequently was super cranky the rest of the day. We've only seen Steve about an hour total so far this week (and probably won't see him again until tomorrow afternoon), and I was really feeling like I needed a break. Just five minutes to myself or something. Actually going to the bathroom by myself would have been good enough. Emma and I were making spinach calzones for dinner, and she knocked the bowl of filling on the floor. It splattered all over the table and walls and made a huge mess. Plus, we were left with nothing to have for dinner. We ended up having mashed potatoes and apples. Then, awhile later, I decided to make cookies to cheer us up. At one point Emma and I went in her room to change her diaper, and came back to both dogs standing on the table, trying to down every bit of our dough as fast as they could. Ugh! I considered making them anyway, but they had eaten a lot, and the licked-all-over dough just looked too gross. So we left the mess and went to bed. However, the point of this all is that this morning, even though we woke up to a huge mess, I felt so much better. We've actually had a pretty nice morning and accomplished a lot. I'm still wearing my pajamas at this point, but I'll take what I can get.

I am very much looking forward to Steve's coming home tomorrow, and actually being able to spend the next whole three days with us.


Abbie said...

I feel sorry for you about Steve. I hope that David doesn't have to work as much. Luckily, I think that he has a reputation of being pretty lazy.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what a good night's sleep (or even a fairly bad night's sleep) can do for your outlook isn't it? The no-nap thing is a killer at our house too...for everyone, not just the kids!

mom said...

We also love the Christmas mail and are sorry Steve is working constantly these days. I am glad to hear you are not going to be bringing us any cookies made from dog-licked-dough! See you tomorrow.