Monday, December 04, 2006

I have a confession. Emma has been driving me crazy for the last week. Ever since we got back from my mom's house, she's been super unreasonable and she cries about every. little. thing. She is still limping around and often complains that her foot is hurting, so I hope it's because of that and not some drastic personality change. Last night I got her one of those stretchy bandage things for her ankle, and today that seemed to help. Let's hope it's on the mend and that she will soon be back to her cheerful self. Please, please, please.

Today I wanted to take a picture of Emma and I said, "Okay, look cute," and this is what I got. That's one for the Christmas cards, right?

See what she is wearing in the picture? Saturday night my friend watched her while Steve and I went to his company holiday party, and when I picked her up, she was wearing that little purple nightgown, which belongs to one of my friends' daughters. Since then, she has only taken it off for a bath, and it went right back on afterwards. She wore it out to breakfast and to the mall yesterday, and on all our errands today. I am not looking forward to the spectacle that is sure to arise when we have to give it back.

After we went sledding on Friday I left our sleds in front of my car in our driveway. They were right up against the house, and while we were gone yesterday someone came and took them. Even though they were sitting right there, I still feel violated. What's wrong with people?

And lastly, me at 22 weeks.


Abbie said...

Oh, Sarah, your sled was probably just stolen from your house by kids who think it is funny. I know how you mean about feeling violated, though.

mom said...

I'm glad you and Steve got to have a fancy date for his Christmas party. I hope you had fun, and you and your friend can trade more babysitting.

David said...

It sounds like you've had a rough week. Maybe you should get a princess nightgown too, since they seem to make Emma so happy.

Kara said...

sorry to hear about the sleds being taken :( not a funny joke at all!
one time, at bad camp.. LOL kidding. but i was driving home one night and i saw something in the road, got closer and it was a purse. so i slow down to pick it up. i stop the car and open my car down and WOOSH the purse flies away. it was tied to a rope that was pulled by kids hiding in their bushes in front of their house. i yelled "that wasn't funny!" and sped off. bah!

Grandma said...

Sarah, I think it is timeyou took Emma back to the doctor to x ray or check her leg again. Bah! Humbug! about someone taking your sleds.

Hannah said...

Sarah, don't worry about the night gown. We aren't in a hurry to get it back!
Hopefully we can trade babysitting. I guess Jamie is afraid that the girls will go crazy if we are away, but I'm trying to convince him.
I can't believe that your sleds were stolen, that is terrible!!