Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In the past two days, I have taken over 100 pictures of Emma, hoping to get one we can send out with our Christmas cards this year. It is darn near impossible to get a two-year-old to pose for pictures. Most of the pictures ended up looking like this

or this.

It took forever, because she got her toy camera and wanted to take pictures of me as well. So after every one of her, we had to switch places for her to take one of me. She'd usually say the exact thing I had said to her for the last picture. "Put your little butt in the chair, please, mommy!" At one point I told her to sit and I would tell her a story. When we switched places, she asked me what my favorite story was, and I said The Three Little Pigs. She proceeded to tell me the cutest story ever that started with, "Once upon a time there were two little pigs and they lost their mittens."

Emma and I are stranded here today without a carseat, so we have been making the most of our day at home. In addition to the photo shoot, we've played lots of Candy Land and baked blueberry muffins. Now while she is asleep I better go knit. I am starting to think there is no way I will get all my gifts knitted before Christmas!


OC Mama said...

Aww, she is so cute!

I didn't have much better luck trying to get a picture of Amelia. Most of my pictures are of her running away. LOL

I love her dress. :-)

Abbie said...

Haha...maybe we should give Emma lessons in taking good photographer pictures before the wedding, although having these pictures are really funny!

mom said...

Remember when we took that adorable picture of you four kids acting out the nativity in the barn in Oregon? I guess we just took several shots and hoped for the best, back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure these are not pictures you were trying to get, but they are darling. She looks so cute.