Friday, April 27, 2007

Emma, Noah, and I have been at my mom's since Monday. My little brother has one of the leads in his school musical this weekend, and we decided to come early and stay all week since Steve was going to be working nonstop anyway.

Yesterday we were all getting ready to go somewhere when I realized my keys were missing. I have never lost my keys before. I always put them in the exact same spot, and they are always there. Not yesterday, however. We searched and searched and searched and searched and still no keys. Emma said she got them out of my purse and played with them, then later she said she never had them. Either way, my keys apparently dropped off the face of the earth. Normally that probably wouldn't be a huge problem, but the key I had for my van is the only key that goes to my van. When we bought it they gave us two keys, but one didn't work because it hadn't been programmed to work with my particular van. The dealership isn't that close to us, so I hadn't brought it back to get programmed yet. Thankfully, I remembered that that useless, nonworking key was still in my purse. This morning I called AAA to come and tow my van to the nearest Dodge dealership. We followed it there and had to wait for a bloody hour and a half while they programmed my key. Now I can drive again, which is a big relief. I do like it here at my mom's house, but I don't want to stay here forever. They told me it would cost $141 to purchase another key. Jeepers. I'm not doing that, so now I just have to guard this key with my life, or desperately hope the other ones magically reappear.

Steve's busy season was supposed to be over at the end of April, but I guess that's not really going to be happening now. Argh! Some of his clients are dragging into May, so he's going to have three more weeks of hard work, although possibly not as hard as it's been lately. The fantastic news is that once that really is all taken care of, he is taking five weeks off work. I'm so VERY much looking forward to that, but probably not as much as he is! He will be off from May 21st until July 5th. Woo-hoo!


David said...

That is rough business about the keys; losing them is the worst feeling. I am excited for you that Steveo will get to take a break finally.

Hannah said...

Wow, what luck.
I didn't realize the new keys cost so much.