Sunday, April 08, 2007

Yesterday we drove to my mom's house so we could be here for Easter. It was my first time driving here with both kids. I was a tad nervous about it, but it couldn't have gone better. We only had to stop once for nursing and diaper changes. It was SO nice to have a whole van full of space in which to do those things instead of having to squeeze ourselves around uncomfortably in my old car!

I am feeling like the Milk Queen lately with all the nursing that is going on. Emma has been nursing so much that she has almost completely stopped eating regular food. I know that is normal, and won't last forever, but keeping up with her demands, as well as Noah's, is requiring a lot of calores. I'm already back below my pre-pregnancy weight, and am concerned that I am not getting enough calories. I already feel like I am constansly eating all day, every day. The trouble is I am supposed to be eating something like 3500 calories every day and that is hard to do!

Happy Easter!!!


Kitty Mommy said...

It takes an insane amount of food to keep up with tandem nurslings! No matter how much I ate, I was losing weight until my supply dropped with my current pg.

Happy Tandeming!

Anonymous said...

Sweetheart, I hope you realize no one will sympathize with your need to consume 3,500 calories a day!

Katie said...

haha to your mom!!

((hugs)) that has got to be hard!