Sunday, May 13, 2007


Emma, Noah, and I are at my mom's house again. We came in to attend a shower that my mom had for my future sister-in-law on Saturday, and are staying until Tuesday. Today was a really nice Mother's Day, although I'm a little sad that we didn't get to be with Steve.

Yesterday evening we buried Noah's placenta (which has been in my mom's freezer) and planted a tree over it. We said a couple prayers and the whole little ceremony was lovely. At least I thought so. Afterwards I sort of jokingingly asked my brother if he got choked up, and he said, "No, but I did gag a little bit." Even though my brothers and my dad thought it was lame, I think it's cool that Noah will always have a special tree in their yard.

The placing of the placenta:

The new tree:


Anonymous said...

I was honored to attend!

Katie said...

Oh cool! I wanted to do that with Bree's placenta!