Friday, May 18, 2007

Emma has always been a binky kid. We have the rule that she only gets it in bed and in the car, but she still sometimes cheats and will convince me to give her one if she's sad or whatever. I wasn't going to give one to Noah in order to avoid having another three year old who won't give up the binky, but the guy isn't that great about riding in the car these days. Basically, if he's awake, he's crying. I keep having to stop the car and calm him down, but then he just starts crying again when I go back to my seat. Today I brought one of Emma's old newborn binkies with us and when he started to cry, I reached back and put it in his mouth. Silence. And then more silence. I guess he is hooked. I think I'm only going to give it to him when we're in the car, though.

I bought a set of bunk beds at a garage sale today. Since Emma has suddenly become all knees and elbows when she sleeps, I'm getting pretty excited for her to have her own bed. Of course, first Steve needs to finish the bedroom that he (barely) started for the kids a couple months ago. This is supposedly his last week of work for awhile so now that may actually happen at some point.

In a couple weeks my dad is getting ordained as a deacon of the Catholic church. It's a pretty huge deal, and there has been a fair amount of discussion at my mom's house lately about various religious events and things. Emma, who likes to play games where she starts off by telling me that she's the princess and I'm the prince, apparently has been listening carefully to the goings-on. Last night she asked me to play with her and when I said I would, she said, "Okay. I'm the princess and you're the Archbishop."


Anonymous said...

Oh, Sarah, that is so cute and funny! Your dad is on retreat and I am going to interrupt him and tell him what Emma said!

David said...

Bunk beds are the coolest! I'm sure Emma and Noah will love them.

OC Mama said...

Good luck with the bunkbeds. We got some for Amelia and she loves them!! :-)