Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ugh. So the other day on our walk Noah decided he didn't want to be in the sling anymore and, because it's impossible to push a stroller with one hand (unless you just want to go around in circles), we had to sit on the curb and wait until he was ready to go back in the sling. After that I resumed my search for a good double stroller, and I'm now pretty certain that one does not exist - at least one for less than $350. Today I drove across the whole bloody city to look at one I saw on craigslist, and I ended up buying it. We went on a walk today, and it's clear that I made a mistake. It was SO hard to push and it kept veering to the right and by the time we were halfway through our walk I thought my arms were going to fall off. So now I have to try to sell that dumb stroller to some other unsuspecting sap, and continue to look for one that will work for us.

The other day I mentioned that Noah outgrew all his small diapers that I sewed for him. I unpacked our old Wonderoos, which Emma wore forever and they are working great for him. They are one-size-fits-all, but Emma outgrew them sixish months ago and we've been using disposables for her since then. Today I was thinking that she seems a little leaner, so I tried one on her and it fit! I'm happy about that because, although her not being potty trained is still a nuisance, at least now it can be a free nuisance. Well, sort of. I need more diapers if they're both going to be using them so I just bought a whole bunch more today from various places. I will have 20 diapers coming in the mail in the next few days. I can't wait! I love getting diapers in the mail!

Awhile ago I got a subscription to Vegetarian Times, and I am loving that magazine! In every issue there are a bunch of recipes that sound really great, and everything I've made from there so far has been fabulous. Lately I think I've been cooking something from there just about every day. Today Emma and I made some Chocolate Chip Spelt Cookies that are really good. I was skeptical because they are vegan and I've never made vegan cookies before, but even Steve, who always complains that I ruin cookies by trying to make them more healthy, liked them a lot. Mmmmm!


Anonymous said...

And what is spelt?

Sarah said...

It's a grain. The cookies are made from spelt flour.

Catherine said...


The Joovy Caboose is the ONE AND ONLY stroller you will ever use once you've tried it. It's AMAZING and only about $150 if you can find a sale. $180 tops. Ted was NOT excited about another stroller coming into the family, but now is in love. We gave away two double strollers before finding the Joovy. It's a sit and stand that also accommodates a car seat. Perfect.