Monday, June 25, 2007

Last night both kids were asleep by 9:30 (!) so I finally had some time for sewing. I love these little Zutano overalls, and I was looking online to try to get some more for Noah.

While I was looking, I realized that these would be super easy to sew. I traced the one Noah already has, made a pattern, found some knit fabric in my stash, and voila! (I didn't sew the shirt.)

Here he is modeling his new duds. The picture isn't great, but do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good picture of an outfit on someone who is so scrunchy? I think I may try to add some sort of applique to make them more interesting. Now I need to make a trip to Joann's to get some cute fabric so I can make some more!

Oh, and that thing about how Noah liked to nap in his swing, giving me lots of time to get things done? He has apparently given that up.

And also that running thing? It's going great, despite my kids' efforts to sabotage any hope of actually doing it. Friday morning Steve was home from work, so I tried to sneak out the door before anyone was awake. Emma came running after me, crying because she wanted to come with me. I loaded her in the jogger, and she spent the entire time whining about wanting to go back home. Then yesterday morning, I attempted to leave even earlier, and still she woke up in time to come running down the driveway after me. I reminded her that she didn't like it last time and told her that if I brought her along she had to promise not to whine. She said, "I swear I promise!" To her credit, she didn't whine until the last ten minutes. After I reminded her about her promise, she spent the rest of the time sighing very long, loud, and dramatic sighs. Nevertheless, tomorrow I will be starting Week Three of the program. Yeah!


earthchick said...

Awesome, super-cute overalls!

Congrats on making it to Week 3 of C25K. It is so hard with little ones, isn't it? I think you're doing great.

[p.s. I think Noah looks so much like Emma in that picture.]

Anonymous said...

Golly, Sarah you really have a variety of talents! I will watch Emma and Noah while you run around Vandalia in happy peace this weekend!

David said...

I'm glad that you're sticking with the running. It is quite a fulfilling hobby. Have you found any road races yet in which to compete?