Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gah! I just lost to Steve in what was probably the greatest comeback in the history of Scrabble. I was beating him by almost 100 points, and in the end he overtook me and won by a measly three points! All thanks to the stupid Z, which I picked up on my very last turn and was unable to play.

The only good thing is that I was able to work on the binding for the quilt I'm making for Emma. I'm quite possibly the slowest hand stitcher in the world, but little by little I'm making progress, and I expect to have the quilt finished in the next few days. I'm already excited about planning a quilt for Noah.

Despite my resolve to have Emma wearing underwear this week, she is still in diapers. After thirty minutes of her following me around with a diaper this morning, crying and begging me to put it on, I gave in. I can't make her do it, and as much as I am sick to death of changing her diapers, I guess I have no choice but to just wait until she wants to do it on her own. Blah.


sue said...

Scrabble is always a great game to play. I play the junior one with my 5 yr old daughter, as it already has words on the board. I am waiting for her to be able to spell enough words so we can play the other game on the back of it. Have you tried creating a little day of the week calendar. I drew up the 7 day week, and split it into breakfast, lunch and dinner. I used to then put stickers, stars and other fun things every time my daughter went to the toilet. If she went through the whole day without an accident she would get a special sticker to wear on her hand or t-shirt. She was toilet trained in about 2 weeks and no more nappies.

amy said...

lol, sue, you clearly never met my son. I give him *chocolate* when he uses the toilet, and still. If I offered him a sticker on the hand, he would get a very good laugh.

I can really sympathize with the waiting it out. R is 3.5 and I'm waiting. He can do it, but not regularly. He's happy to go without a diaper, but at least half the time he has accidents on the floor.

Sarah said...

Yes, Emma would also never do it for a sticker. I've tried bribing her with little wrapped presents, candy, ice cream, trips to grandma's house, and still nothing. She really wants to take dance classes and knows that she can do it as soon as she is potty trained, but still that's not enough for her. Argh!

mamaperreca said...

Would she do it for Fancy clothes? I was going to say. Gioia's Dance class in Olathe starts in Sept.10th. they offer one free class for anyone wanting to try it. Maybe if Emma came to dance with Gioia that would give her motivation.