Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today I went to the bank and wrote a check for cash. I normally carry around absolutely zero cash, and I have to keep double-checking now because I keep thinking I'm going to lose the money I got. And don't even get me started on having to get both kids out of the car and takeSteve and I pay for everything with our debit cards. He lost his last week, so we had to cancel them both, and are now impatiently waiting 7-10 business days to get our new ones. This is proving to be a rather large annoyance. Yesterday I had to write a check at two different places, and I'm certain that both times the cashier was thinking, "What does she think this is? 1987?" them into QT to pay for gas. I've only been without one for two days, but I'm already feeling very appreciative of whoever invented debit cards.

Noah is such a doll. When Emma was a baby, I remember thinking that she was so great that I couldn't wait to have another baby. I feel the same way with Noah. He simply could not be any sweeter and, really, is there anything more heartwarming than a smiling baby? He is such a mama's boy and is always perfectly content as long as he is in my arms. If he falls asleep and I try to lay him down, he wakes up immediately but goes right back to sleep the second I pick him up. This can be a tiny bit frustrating sometimes, but mostly I love holding him and it makes me happy that he finds me so comforting. Some day I won't have any babies to hold, but (in the midst of a mad frenzy of doing all the things I always wanted to do but never had time for) I'll be happy that I held my babies as much as I could when I had the chance.


Katie said...

He is adorable!! And I agree. It can be VERY frustrating but its *so* worth it!! Those days pass quickly too!

Anonymous said...

You are a great mom. You have it right hold them and enjoy them while you can. They grow up so fast, then you have adorable grandchildren to love and that too is rewarding.
Noah is growing up so fast love the pictures of the children.
I know your grandmother enjoyed having you and the children along on her trip to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Last night at WalMart Tom and I heard a dad talking really meanly to his son, and we felt so upset and powerless. I am still sadly dwelling on that. Why can't all kids have parents as nice as you and Steve?
I am also thinking that those of us who have good parents can never appreciate them enough!