Thursday, July 12, 2007

I want to record some cute things that Emma does so I don't forget them when she is older.

- She is fascinated with convertibles. Whenever we see one, she yells out, "A CAR WITH NO CEILING!" I always point them out to her also so she won't miss any. One day we were all in the car and Emma was asleep, but I pointed out several to Steve, just out of habit, I guess. Finally he reminded me that he is not that impressed with cars with no ceilings and I don't really have to point them out to him.
- She has concocted a "soup" made of beads, sequins, and buttons that she cooks and serves to us many times each day. Because of this, at any given time our house is completely littered with these items.
- She will come to me and ask, "Can I do your eyebrows?" Then she uses a special comb and a golf tee, of all things, to meticulously comb and "arrange" my eyebrows.
- She often starts stories with, "When I was a kid..." or "When I was little...".
- She has an imaginary friend named Sarah, and almost every day she and Sarah have a party for Sarah's birthday. Sarah is all sorts of ages, but most often she is turning five or sixteen.
- She likes to tell us stories about random people, and these stories often start like, "My daughter's husband..." or "Did you know my son's neighbor..." We ask her what are the names of these people and they are always crazy things like Ozria and See-no-ina.
- She says, "I am shy to (fill in the blank)" and "I am brave with (fill in the blank)".
- When she misspeaks, she will say "excuse me" and then say it again correctly.

So Noah isn't left out, here is the handsome man modeling a pair of longies I knitted for him a few months ago.


Christina said...

Emma is sooo cute! Brooklyn is constantly doing funny things too! I need to write them done and log them away so I don't forget! Thanks for the idea!! Of course...Noah is a handsome man showing off his MOMMY'S SKILLS!!!! Good job!!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a good mom enjoying your little ones. Emma is so cute with her funny sayings she is really a smart little girl. Noah is a doll. You are so talented, but don't know with 2 little ones how you find time to do so many things. Its great.

Jen said...

I love funny kiddo stories! More! More!