Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today we had our first Parents as Teachers appointment since Noah was born. In the past, she has said things that I know are wrong (i.e. breastfeeding during pregnancy takes nutrients from the baby), and more than once she has asked how we are going to deal with the "problem" of getting our kids out of our bed. Fine, whatever. We stick with the program because Emma likes it when this lady comes and plays games with her, and when she is here I just try to give her information and maybe open her eyes to a different way of doing things. Today was especially annoying, though.

- She asked what hospital we went to for Noah's birth. When I told her he was born at home, she put her hands to her face and said, "Oh, no! That was pretty risky, wasn't it? Especially after a C-section?" Um, no.
- She asked if Emma was still nursing. I told her about the weaning party, and then that Emma still nurses when she wakes up in the morning and that is working great for both of us. She incredulously asked me if I've ever met anyone else who nursed as long as Emma. I assured her that I have.
- She said, "And you're all sleeping in the same bed?" I said yes, and she asked me how we all manage to fit. I told her where we each sleep in the bed, and then she said, "Well, I'm not allowed to tell you what to do, but I do need to tell you that sleeping in the same bed with an infant increases the risk of SIDS." Again, um, no.
- She asked what I will do if one of the kids gets sick while they are both nursing. I was a little confused and she explained that she was worried they might spread germs that way. I wasn't sure about that one, but I had never heard of it being a concern before. I just looked it up (it's not) so I'm emailing her the info so she doesn't incorrectly mention that to anyone else.

So after she'd say something with which I disagreed, I'd always start in with, "Well, actually..." and give her my information. I think it's unlikely that she'll go research these things herself, and will probably instead just write me off as being completely loony, but oh well. Overall, I do like her, and like I said, Emma likes her a lot too. So I'll continue to share my information with her, and hope that she is not out spreading misinformation to other unsuspecting folks.


Jen said...

You, mama, have a helluva lot more patience than I do dealing with people who perpetuate that kind of ignorance. Yowza. Good for you for being kind in trying to educate her.

Katie said...

Ugh!! I agree, you have mad patience. Its actually kind of funny how wrong she is!!

Mary said...

PAT only requires an associates degree

mom said...

Sarah, last night in my Blessings Book I wrote, "Sarah can speak up and quote facts to the Parents as Teachers lady"! I think you are providing a valuable service by giving her another valid point of view to consider as she goes from house to house influencing families.

mamaperreca said...

Sarah, I think YOU are the teaching parent in this scenario. I also think it is super awesome, that you have a mom that reads this and doesn't AGREE with the PAT lady instead of you. :)