Monday, August 27, 2007

Are you ready for this? EMMA IS POTTY TRAINED! Finally finally finally finally finally. I can hardly believe it myself - having just one kid in diapers seems almost too good to be true. On Saturday, we decided that enough was enough and we told her no more diapers. She cried for awhile, but Steve was home to distract her so it actually wasn't too bad. She did refuse to put on any underwear, though. After about seven hours the poor girl was hopping all over the place and still insisting that she didn't have to pee, even though she clearly did. We all spent a long time in the bathroom reading books, playing games, and basically being bored silly while Emma sat on her potty telling us over and over that she couldn't go. Eventually she absolutely couldn't hold it anymore and my sweet girl peed in the potty! With no diaper on! After that she sort of got caught up in the moment and agreed to put on some underwear, and I guess the rest is history. Last night we took her to Target to pick out some more underwear and today she has gone through about six pairs, but not because of any accidents. I am beyond thrilled about this. Today I told her I was really proud of her and she said, "Well, you certainly should be!"

Last night I sewed this needle case for another swap. I'm almost finished with all my swap stuff, and well before the deadline too! I think my next project will be Noah's quilt. I've been accumulating lots of fabric (more in the mail today - woot!) for it so I should probably get busy and actually sew it.

Tonight we rented The Number 23 and watched it after Emma - who didn't have a nap - went to bed. I am such a wimp. I have sworn off scary movies for good but for some reason I thought this one would be okay. Looking back, it really wasn't that scary but I watched the entire thing peeking through my fingers. At one point we had to turn it off for awhile because I was getting too tense and stressed out about the whole thing. That's probably a sign that I need to stick to romantic comedies and kid movies.


oriannavw said...

Yeah for Emma!!

More diapers for sale?

Christina said...

HAPPY DANCE FOR EMMA!!!! YAY!!! Isn't it the best? I am going to be back to 2 in diapers...dang!! Oh well...such is life! :)
You are BRAVE! That movie's case holder picture FREAKS ME OUT!!!! I wouldn't watch that if you paid me! LOL!! I am such a wuss when it comes to scary movies too! Give Emma a big hug and high 5 from us!

mamaperreca said...


Katie said...

WTG Emma!! Woohoo!

HobbyMommy said...

Congrats on the potty training! We just finished that here! It feels so good to be diaper free!

I love the needle case! I guess since I just started knitting I'll have to make one of those too!

You have a great site!