Friday, August 17, 2007

Emma didn't have a nap yesterday, so both kids were asleep by 9:00 last night! With all that kid-free time, I was able to get a couple things done for some swaps I have coming up. I completed six napkins, and a crayon roll for a little boy who likes Cars. I guess I've been feeling pretty swappy lately, because I signed up for a whole slew of swaps to be completed by the middle of September. I might possibly have overdone it.

This week hasn't been a very good one for Emma and me. I don't really think she's been any different, but for some reason I've had no patience with her. Poor kid. I feel like I'm apologizing all day long for snapping at her. However, I have decided that Steve and I have made a mistake with her, and I hope it's not too late to rectify it. Since she was a baby, whenever she got hurt, we'd always make a big deal out of it. I remember seeing other kids fall down or bump into things at playgroups and being amazed that their mamas didn't immediately pick them up and soothe them. Fast forward to now. Emma is a huge drama queen. If the teensiest little thing happens to her, she cries and cries and won't let it go. It's starting to wear on me, and now when she starts to cry, I just want to say, "Would you just get over it already?!?"

***Okay, she woke up from her nap while I was typing that last paragraph, and she really is such a little sweetheart, and I feel like a terrible shrew of a mother for thinking that stuff about her. So I guess I'll work on gently trying to toughen her up a bit, but mostly I probably need to work on my own patience.

Here are a couple pictures of my wonderful sweet boy, just because I haven't posted any of him in awhile.


earthchick said...

Oh, those baby pics. He's such a doll!

I'm afraid I've encouraged the same kind of thing with my guys - but it's hard not to fawn over them when they are so little. Then they get older and start milking it a bit. Oy.

Hey, where did you find the pattern for that crayon roll? Did you make it up? It is SO cool! - and such a great idea. You did a great job.

Sarah said...

I used this tutorial. It's great!

Sarah said...

I don't know if that link will work, but if it doesn't you can just Google crayon roll and skip to my lou and you will get it.

grandma said...

The pictures of Noah are great. I was wondering what he is doing these days.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing. I would crash if I had 2 little ones to take care of and you are always doing these neat projects when they sleep. The crayon roll is neat as are all of your projects

We may be helping with babies as have just found out our youngest son and his wife are expecting twin girls in Jan.
Noah has grown so much he is so cute. Love seeing pictures of the little ones Emma and her twirling skirt was so cute.
Keep up the neat projects.

amandajean said...

your little one is so cute!

Katie said...

Oh he is SO cute!! I cant believe how fast he is growing!!

I am working on that very thing with Bree. And don't beat yourself up. You are a good mama. We all have days like that!