Thursday, August 16, 2007

We went to my cousin's house for dinner tonight and had to bring a dessert. I ran across a recipe for S'mores Cupcakes, and thought they looked fabulous so I decided to bring those.

First of all, it was much too hot in my house today for these to work out and really look good. As soon as I piped on the marshmallow stuff, it all melted into a somewhat goopy mess. The chocolate was also mushy and had to be put in the freezer before we could use it. Not only that, I apparently cooked the cupcakes too long because they were pretty dry. Darn it. Here are my own much less fabulous looking cupcakes.

Today wasn't a total cupcake failure, though, because I finished knitting these cupcakes for Emma and I think they are pretty cute.

And, eeeeeeee! More fabric!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the cupcake diaster. I want to try and make some of those cupcakes. I love your knitted cupcakes! They look very successful! and you don't have to worry about calories.


Pancake Goddess said...

oh, cute cute cuteness all over. Where did you buy your hedgie fabric? And is there a cupcake pattern online? I have just the yarn for that icing top.

Sarah said...

Thanks! I bought the hedgie fabric from an ebay store called nuno. The shipping was super fast, especially considering it was coming from Japan! The cupcake pattern is from the One Skein book. It works up really quickly.

Shawn said...

Those look yummy! You inspired me to make Bethany some felt food. I made her some eggs and toast last night. Making french fries today. :)

Those knitted cupcakes are gorgeous Sarah!

Anonymous said...

I demand that you stop being so darn crafty!! The cupcakes still look YUMMY!! And the knitted ones!! SUPER CUTE!!! Jealousy is seeping from my every pore!!!!!


mom said...

Oh, my gosh--those knitted cupcakes are so adorable I can't believe it! Can you bring your homemade food when you come for Labor Day?