Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Yesterday we went to a World Breastfeeding Week celebration to benefit La Leche League, and I came away with some good loot from the silent auction. My favorite was this play food that was made by my friend Allison. I'm trying to phase out all our plastic play food, and after seeing this cute stuff I am inspired to start making some myself.

Today I was thinking about how Steve, Emma, Noah, and I seem to have settled into a comfortable four-person-family groove. I didn't realize it so much then, but for a while after Noah was born, our relationships were struggling a little bit. I was feeling stressed out and overwhelmed because Steve was working so much, and I know he was too. Emma was being really whiny and extremely over-sensitive, which I'm sure had a lot to do with adjusting to a new sibling, but probably also because she was missing Steve as well. Now that Steve is working more regular hours and we have all adjusted to a new baby, things are pretty great. Every day I am happy that my family is made up of these three, and that we all get along so well. Steve has talked a little bit about looking for a new job, and I really wish he would because it would be nice to have this much time together all year long.

Tonight for dinner I made sandwiches with shredded chicken, spinach, feta, and hummus. So far, so good on the eating at home thing.


mom said...

Your play food and your real food both look great. If Steve changes jobs you will probably have more family time and less money, which would be a good trade-off, and then you would have to eat at home!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THE PLAY FOOD!!! What great idea! It's adorable! Your sandwiches look YUMMY too!! :) You'll have to post more pics of the play food you make...so I can steal your ideas! I am also SICK of the plastic food we have....bleck!! I just think of all the germs on it....ewwwwwwww!!!!


Grandma said...

Both foods look good to me too. That sandwich looks yummy. How do you make the play food?