Monday, August 06, 2007

We eat out wayyyy to much and, starting this week, it's going to stop. In the last week we ate out every single night except for two, and both of those nights we ended up going out for ice cream after dinner. That's a little ridiculous. Today I was thinking about why we like to go out all the time, and for me, it's not even the fact that I don't have to mess with cooking anything and then cleaning up the kitchen afterwards. It's just a better time. When we eat at home it seems like it's over in ten minutes, but when we're out we have a nice leisurely time to just sit and chat. Usually at home Steve finishes and gets up while Emma and I are still sitting there, but when we're out we often keep sitting there for awhile after everyone is finished. So, in order for us to make this change, we have to work on a few things. Steve promised to stay at the table until everyone is finished from now on, and I am absolutely positively going to cook dinner every night - a decent enough dinner to deter us from wanting to go out. To hold myself accountable, this week, at least, I am going to post what we have every night. Those are going to be some exciting entries, right? I know you're on the edge of your seat.

Several months ago I sold our reel mower to someone, except I never actually got it to her. Today I found out I was going to be seeing her somewhere, so I needed to get the mower out of the shed and bring it with me. Unfortunately, Steve was at work and I am terrified of the shed because of a bad snake experience I had in there. I actually knocked on the door of our unfriendly neighbor who we never talk to, hoping that he would do get it for me. He wasn't home, and neither were any of our other neighbors. I decided it was time to stop being such a baby and do it myself. Sort of. We went out in the yard, which is already a feat for me. Emma, who says she is brave with snakes, opened the door to the shed. I asked her to go inside and yell to scare away the snakes. She shouted, "Get out of here, snakes! This is not your shed!" Then I stood there for a good ten minutes looking at the stupid reel mower in the corner of the shed - probably no more than 15 feet away - and I couldn't force myself to go in there and get it. Pretty embarrassing. Embarrassing and stupid.

In less humiliating news about myself, after playing Scrabble all week, including three games yesterday alone, I finally beat Steve last night! Bladow!


Jen said...

Bladow! Haha!

I don't blame you about the snake. Nope. Not one bit.

mom said...

Is bladow the word with which you won? I did not find it in our two dictionaries.