Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's finally cooling off around here a bit, and it's wonderful! Today we turned off the air and opened all the windows. The kids and I planned to take a short walk this afternoon, but it turned into a long walk because the weather was so great that we didn't want to go inside. We stopped at the park on the way back, and my big boy got to try out the swings for the first time. Doesn't he look all grown up?He seemed to enjoy himself, although Emma was disappointed that he couldn't swing very high.

This is his favorite activity - sucking and gnawing on his chubby little hands. They are never not in his mouth.Tonight I got a bunch of sewing done. I have some swap deadlines and birthdays coming up and I was getting a little nervous because I haven't had much time to sew lately, but now I'm pretty much caught up. I'll take some pictures tomorrow, but most of the stuff I finished is for gifts so I can't show those yet.

Here is tonight's dinner - beef stroganoff, squash, and strawberries. The picture is no good, but it's all I could get because a certain husband of mine was not very keen on waiting while I tried to get a decent picture of the food.


Katie said...

First, your blog look great!!

Second, that dinner looks good!!

Third, I'm jealous you have nice weather already. Your kids are so cute. And so BIG!!

David said...

I think that Noah looks so old because he is already going bald.

Shawn said...

So glad to see someone else taking pics of their dinner! Corey doesnt like to wait either while I stage the pic :) The weather is so wonderful, my favorite time of year! Noah is getting so big and so cute! I'm curious what swaps you are in sewing or scrapbooking?

mom said...

Emma looks so huge on that picture next to Noah, doesn't she? See you soon!

grandma said...

Noah looks so grown up in that swing!
Your dinner looks great. I was wondering how the meals were coming along. It has been so beautiful outside. It is hard to stay in. Have you been on the back patio?