Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm not doing so great with the dinner cooking thing. Yesterday at 11:00 I threw a roast in the crock pot and made some yummy barbecue sauce to pour over it. All day I was looking forward to sandwiches, but we were in and out of the house so I didn't check on it until 4:00. Guess who turned the crock pot ON, but didn't plug it IN? Yeah, that would be me. Argh! So not only we were left with nothing for dinner, but the meat was ruined as well. We ended up running to the store for a frozen pizza. Hey, at least we didn't go out. Then tonight I had a nice dinner all planned out, but I found out Steve wasn't going to be home so Emma and I just grazed on random snacks throughout the evening.

I started this post over five hours ago, and now it's late and I want to go to bed, so I'm going to make it easy on myself and just post a few random pictures.

Steve took some clients to the Royals game yesterday, but was home the rest of the day so Emma had plenty of time to sucker him into drawing princesses with her.A couple finished items: some more napkinsand some pincushions for a swap. The pincushions are supposed to have a Fall theme, so I tried to pick some Fall-looking fabrics and as a result I think they are pretty unexciting. (I'm sure that some, if not all of you, are asking yourselves, "There's such a thing as an exciting pincushion?")And one last thing - here is the sweet boy playing with his papa.


earthchick said...

Love the video - love Noah's sweet little laugh. Too cute.

Sweet sewing stuff, too!

mom said...

People who are swapping with you will love your darling presents! Your kids have such a sweet papa!

Deanna said...

What a cute video!

Love the projects. I need to sew something now.

Shawn said...

Sarah you amaze me with your sewing! It takes me forever to sew something! We haven't been great in the cooking at home either. Oh well there is always next week :)The kiddos are so cute!