Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tomorrow we are going to St. Louis to attend my high school reunion. It will be my first time being away from Noah. I know he will be in good hands with my parents, but that doesn't stop me from feeling a little guilty for leaving him when he's so young. Thankfully, the reunion is being held just a few miles from my parents' house so they are going to bring him to me mid-evening so he can nurse.

I just ordered these books from amazon and I'm so excited!


sue said...

Oh those books look delightful. I hope you enjoy your reunion and dont fret too much. Always remember that the children will be having lots of fun with your parents and wont think about anything else until you return home.

Shawn said...

Reunion sounds fun! I bet Noah will be just fine with your parents. He'll have Emma too :) It will be nice for you two to enjoy yourselves. I'm curious if you are wearing the dress you bought? Isn't it funny how men can refer to some of our clothes as housedresses but they just slap on a suit and are good to go!