Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Steve worked from home today, so it sort of seemed like an extension of an already fun weekend. My high school reunion was fine. Seeing all those people again brought back a lot of memories, and made me so glad I am not in high school anymore! Everything is so much better right now and I am much happier than I was then, so if nothing else, the reunion made me appreciate my current life a little more. The kids did great with my parents. They were there for about 2.5 hours, and then Noah started to get cranky so my mom loaded them in the car and brought them to us at the reunion. I was so happy to see them! Steve and I sat in the van with them for awhile while Noah nursed, and then they left to go back home and Steve and I went back inside. By that time though, I felt like I'd seen everyone I wanted to see and I knew I'd be having more fun back at my mom's house playing with Emma and Noah and beating my mom at Scrabble. We said the good-byes, and left. (And I did beat my mom at Scrabble that night, and twice the next day. Even though Steve won't play with me anymore, it appears I still have mad Scrabble skills.)

We got a great swap package in the mail today. Noah got these jingly patchwork balls
and Emma got this dress. I know she will wear this a ton this winter. The lady who made these things for us also sewed Emma a cute pair of underwear that she loves. I love swaps!
Tonight both kids were in bed at 9:30 (!) so I had a bunch of time to sew and I also finally got started cutting the fabric for Noah's quilt.

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mom said...

Luckily, Scrabble is still lots of fun for me even when I don't expect to win!