Wednesday, September 19, 2007

We got another swap package today, this time with some adorable knitted fruit. Right away Emma whipped up some "fruit soup", which Noah thought was delicious. Emma was pretty militant about him not putting it in is mouth though, so he didn't get to play with the fruit for very long.I've been looking for an exersaucer, and today I found a good deal for one on craigslist. Noah needs somewhere to hang out while I take a shower, and he's outgrown the bouncy seat. I'm not a huge fan of contraptions that allow people to stick their babies in and forget about them, but so far he doesn't seem to mind.
Where did the Fall weather go? We turned our air off last week and it's been heavenly with the windows open every day, but the temperature has been creeping back up, and today it got to be a little too much. The kids and I were pretty much sweltering in here all day but I was trying to tough it out. That turned out to be a waste, because as soon as Steve got home tonight he turned the air back on. That was at about 10:00 so the worst was over by then, but it does feel much better in here now. I want the chillier weather back, because I am so ready to start making soup and wearing sweaters!


Mary said...

I went to the chiropractor yesterday to have my neck look at and he said" Did you know one of your hips is higher than than other?" I didn't think anything of it till I was home. I guess carrying babies has left its mark. If you over use the exersaucer, they won't like it anymore. It is great for showers, cooking, & outside.

mom said...

I can't believe how adorable that knitted fruit is!

OC Mama said...

Our chilly weather just started, and I'm in heaven! I'm sure we'll have the air on again a few times before winter, but at least I can leave the house now! :-)

I think saucers serve their purpose, and as long as you aren't using it to forget your kid, it's a great thing.

Now if I could just find a saucer to strap the 2 year old in while I shower so she doesn't get into trouble. LOL

Christina said...

LOVE the knitted fruit!! So cute!! That is the same exersaucer that we have! Both my kids LOVED it! Noah is getting so grown up!!