Saturday, September 22, 2007

This morning we had plans to meet friends at the zoo at 10:00. Why I would ever make plans to be somewhere at 10:00, I don't know. It seems that every single time I end up calling the person and saying, "Uhhh...can we meet later?" Today was no different. Emma was up until after 1:30 last night so I knew waking her up would mean trouble. Because of that, this morning I was all gung ho about trying to get into some sort of routine and actually have some semblance of order in our lives. I guess throughout the day my resolution waned because now it's 1:31 and Emma is currently sitting on the floor next to me, munching on carrots. One of these days, maybe.

Emma has a very, um, eccentric clothing style. The little fashionista thinks nothing of wearing her flower girl dress to the grocery store, or my old First Communion dress to the park. She puts a lot of thought into what she wears, and changes her clothes many, many times every day. Today, as we were pulling out of the driveway on our way to the zoo, Emma (who never, ever wears socks) suddenly implored me to go back to the house to get her some socks. The pink ones, with the bears on them. "Please, please, please! I really need those socks! Oh, please, please, please!" As I was pulling back into the driveway, I asked her why she wanted those particular socks. She looked at me and said, "How can you expect me to go to the zoo if I don't have animals on my socks?" Right. What could I have been thinking?

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mom said...

Oh, Sarah, I was again laughing out loud at your funny writing and your funny lifestyle!