Friday, September 07, 2007

More fun times with my grandma today. There was building little houses with dominoes, reading books, playing outside, cooking, dancing, Candy Land, and Scrabble. Sadly, she is leaving tomorrow morning. What is not quite as sad, but close, is that I have to get up at 6:20 tomorrow morning and drag the kids out of bed to get to the train station bright and early. Eek. I am hoping we can come home afterwards and go back to bed.

I went in the yard today! I helped my grandma carry something out for the trash pickup, and I was very nervous the whole time but we didn't see any snakes. Whew! She and Emma did see one later in our abandoned garden, so I know they are still lurking around, just waiting to slither up and scare folks. (And by that I mean me.)

I better get to bed because 6:20 is going to come really fast. Night.

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grandma said...

I love the pictures on the blog! Emma, our house and patio look so pretty. I just loved looking at it and remembering how much fun we had building it. I hope I can come to see you again sometime.