Thursday, September 06, 2007

My grandma is staying with us for a few days, which is great because I love when anyone in my family visits. Today we went to the farmer's market and ran a couple more errands. It's amazing how much easier it is to go places when there is an even ratio of kids to adults! Since the weather is starting to be slightly less unbearably hot, this afternoon we walked to the park. Another benefit of having my grandma here is that I have a Scrabble partner. Steve refuses to play since the "reforks" incident. Lame. Whenever I'm at my mom's we always try to fit in as many games as we can, and I'm hoping to play at least one more with my grandma before she goes home. Apparently I have become some sort of geeky Scrabble addict.

You know the whole potty thing that, for SO long, Emma swore she couldn't do? Well, it's been over two weeks since I banned the diapers, and that kid has not had a single accident. She rocks. We've even packed away the potty chair already. We always told her that she could go to dance class when she stopped wearing diapers, and next Monday is her first class. I think I might be more excited than she is!

A couple little sewing projects from last week...

These coasters were a housewarming gift for my brother and SIL,

and this checkbook cover was for my mom. I pretty much stole the idea for the checkbook cover from here.


mom said...

I was very proud of my new checkbook cover as I wrote a couple of checks today. I can't believe neither teenage clerk complimented me on it! I'm glad you guys and Grandma are having a happy visit.

amandajean said...

oh, wow! I love your checkbook cover! I am so pleased to have inspired you. :)

Love the coasters, too.

David said...

Thanks for the delightful coasters. Our cups are now resting in safety, thanks to you.