Sunday, September 09, 2007

My ten year high school reunion is next weekend, and I've been planning on wearing something I already own. Since I get dressed up pretty much, oh, never, I don't have many things from which to choose. This afternoon at the mall I found a dress that I thought was pretty cute and really comfortable, which is a huge bonus. I bought it, planning on wearing it to the reunion. When we got home and I tried it on for Steve, he said it looked more like pajamas than a dress. Rats. I've been wearing it all evening (I told you it was comfortable!) and he keeps calling it my house dress. It seems I will not be wearing it to the reunion.

Right before we left the mall today, we stopped and got a big pretzel to eat. I was pushing Emma in the stroller, carrying Noah in the sling, and trying to juggle my bag, our pretzel, and our drink all at the same time. I managed to get a couple napkins pulled out of the dispenser and I dropped them in Emma's lap and asked her to carry them. She sighed and said, "Why do I always have to carry everything?" Heh. She has no idea.


mom said...

Oh, honey, I am laughing out loud. I think your blog is pretty, too.

Anonymous said...

C'mon Sarah, don't you know every day is kids day?

Lovelovelove the new design. Very purty.


Anonymous said...

Your new design for your blog is great. Always enjoy seeing your children. Love the comments that Emma makes and know she will love the pretty Christmas gift.
Noah is growing up so fast.
They are precious and know you are enjoying every minute. We are looking forward to our twin grandaugters birth. They are due first of Jan., but may be earlier.
They will join a brother who will be 4 in Jan. so should be a lively household.
Looking forward to your food pictures.

Katie said...

hahaha! I am laughing out loud too!