Sunday, September 09, 2007

We got this great handmade tutu in the mail today for a swap.Emma didn't see me open it, and I haven't shown it to her yet because I can't decide if I want to wait and give it to her for Christmas. My goal this year is to give my kids all handmade presents for Christmas. (Well, except for this camera, which we are probably going to get for Emma.) Saving this tutu for her would be a good start to their Christmas stash.

I'm probably going to be posting more food pictures here in the near future because that is good motivation for me to actually get something on the table. I like to cook. Really. It's the whole planning the menu and going to the store part that I hate. Once I get started planning a week's worth of meals, it's not so bad and I actually find things that I am excited to make. Still, for some reason, that task always seems so daunting that I end up going to the store and grabbing stuff for one meal, then having to go back to the store in a day or two to get more stuff, and then back again a day or two later. Today I went to the store and stocked up, so this week I should be able to get a good meal on the table every night - starting tomorrow because tonight we bypassed all the good fresh food in favor of some leftover pizza.


OC Mama said...

That tutu is great. Amelia is sitting here with me and said "Oh mama it's beautiful. It's for Amelia?" LOL Maybe I'll have to find her one for Christmas too.

Oh and I like your new blog design.

Abbie said...

I like your new layout, Sarah!

Shawn said...

that tutu is too cute! aren't swaps fun and addicting! I just made some chili for dinner and put milled flax seed in the chili & the brownies I made. Let's see if dh notices. We are also trying to eat more at home!