Saturday, September 29, 2007

Noah is six months old today. I am a little sad that the first year of his life is already half over, but at the same time I am really looking forward to all the things he's going to accomplish in the next six months. In honor of his half-birthday, I was going to post his birth story, but I'm going to have to think about that a little more. Maybe I'll put it up tomorrow.

Toady we went to the Lee's Summit Octoberfest. We were trying to go to see Emma's dance class perform, but we accidentally went to the wrong stage and ended up watching a brat eating contest instead. Woo. Emma loved the carnival part, and was a lot more brave on the rides than I expected. She and I rode the Scrambler and afterwards I asked her if she liked it and she said, "That was the most fun in my whole life!" Before we left, all four of us rode the Ferris wheel together and I think she and Noah were in awe. We've never been to Worlds of Fun, but she loved the rides so much that I think we're going to try to go there before the season is over.

Tonight we went out to dinner - the first time all week! I think that's a record for us!


Christina said...

What a cutie!! I can't believe it's been 6 months already!! Where did the time go???

Jen said...

He is NOT 6 months already. No way! Wow, that's amazing.

What a sweet boy with beautiful blue eyes - great babymaking Sarah! ;)

mom said...

Is Noah sitting up by himself in that cute picture?
Did Emma miss dancing with her class?

Mary Beth said...

He is super cute, Sarah!