Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I hate my hair. It's terrible. I want to get it all cut off, but it seems like every time I do that I regret it. But I've got to do something. I really like this haircut (I don't know that person, but just happened to run across the picture), but I'm worried if I go to get that cut I'll end up with something like this again. And nobody wants that.
Still, something has to be done, and it's probably going to be drastic. I imagine I'll be posting "new haircut pictures" here before too long.

Ever since I read this post and saw all these wonderful aprons, I've been wanting one for myself. After all this time, I finally got around to sewing one. I figured that as long as I was going to be wearing an apron, I wanted to go with the classic, June Cleaver-style apron. I got the pattern from (of course) Bend the Rules Sewing, and sewed it pretty quickly last night. I think it's cute, but it turned out to be way too long on me and it really looks pretty dumb. Maybe I'm not the apron type after all. I may not be, but at least somebody around here is.I know there was something else... Oh, yeah, some more cupcake cards I made for a swap.
Steve has stayed home from work the last two days. Yay!


Abbie said...

Those two haircuts look like they might be pretty similar on you. Maybe you should go to the salon and ask them for ideas...bring the picture on your fridge and say, "this is what I don't want", and then bring the other picture and say, "this is what I like a lot". Hopefully the stylist can help you. If you don't like it, it will always grow out!

estea said...

firstly, love the apron and the cards. secondly, i just remembered = you asked me about my stylist, didn't you? can you tell i haven't replied to emails in months?

Nicki at Belle Epoque (belleepoque-kc.com) is excellent - you need to take her the photo and she will be able to do it. wonderful cuts for $35 - something I have paid 60-75 for in the past...seriously, she's really good.

happy hairstyle hunting! and sorry i didn't reply sooner...

estea in OPKS