Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have nothing against spiders, as long as they are reasonably sized and non-disgusting. Usually if I see them in the house I'll put them outside, and if I see them in the basement I'll just leave them alone. Usually. Last night in the basement, however, Emma and I saw the hugest spider I ever saw that wasn't a tarantula. I couldn't squish it because it would have been too gross and I certainly wasn't going to catch it and put it outside. We just sort of stared at him helplessly until he started scurrying along the wall and then disappeared around the little shelf behind which I have to reach to plug in my iron. As soon as he started moving, Emma let loose with the shrill, terrified screaming she usually reserves for goats. Once he was gone, I had to play the brave mommy role and tell it her was all right and he wasn't going to bother us anymore. I'm not really so sure about that, but I do know one thing for certain: I have got to find a new spot for my iron.
Last week we made some of these footprint ghosts and they are really cute . I found the directions here, but she has since taken them down. Let me know if anyone wants them. Today they were finally dry, and Emma insisted on painting them so they really aren't very ghost-y anymore.

Today I took the van to get the oil changed, and the kids and I walked across the parking lot to Linens 'N Things while we waited. As soon as we walked in, I heard lots of irate yelling coming from over by the checkout counters. Apparently two guys were being accused of stealing, and they were not handling it well. Frightened old ladies were hunched down behind the different displays, looking scared and a few were apparently calling the police on their cell phones. The two guys were really being pretty scary, screaming about racial profiling and what-not, and when one of them shoved the manager, a woman by us said, "That's it, I'm calling 911!" The two guys finally left just before the cops got there, but everyone in the store seemed pretty shaken, especially the poor manager. That was definitely our dose of excitement for the day!


Christina said...

I'd love to know how you did those! They are adorable!!

Christina said...

Oh yeah....GROSS story about the spider!! I would've flipped out if I saw a huge beastie in my house!! EWWW!!! I love your descriptive about the shrill Emma let out...(the one she reserves for goats) LOL!! Hilarious! I can just picture it now!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute ghosts! She does have instructions to make ghost necklaces out of clay.

I hope those spiders stay away.


Mary Beth said...

I'm glad you and the kids are all right! (Re. the Linen's and Things incident).

earthchick said...

Yikes! about both the spider and the Linen 'n Things incident. Too bad the cops didn't get there before they left.

I'd love the ghost directions. Could you email them to me at staceyduke [at] gmail [dot] com?