Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things that made me happy today:

~ Dropping off three huge bags of stuff at Goodwill. I love the feeling of clearing out things we don't really need. Less clutter is always good.

~ Finding a cute set of old-school mushroom mugs at a garage sale.~ This little guy, found at the same garage sale as the mugs. My great aunt used to have this same snowman in her kitchen window every Christmas, and I remember him blinking cheerfully at us every time we pulled in her driveway. When she died my mom got her snowman, and now I am happy to have one of my own. Multi-colored flashing holiday decorations aren't usually my thing, but I like him because he reminds me of my Aunt Celeste.~ Today, at long last, it was finally chilly enough to wear jeans. Welcome, Fall!~ Seven Layer Bean Dip. Yum. This was so delicious, in fact, that we kept munching on it and it ended up filling us up enough that we never had the Baked Rigatoni I was planning to make for dinner. ~ I didn't have to cook dinner. (See above.)

~ Another completed tote bag and matching crayon roll for a swap.
It was a good day.


Abbie said...

Cute post!

Mom said...

How could anyone sell that adorable snowperson! Grandma I. had canisters of the same mushroom design. I wonder what happened to them.

Mary Beth said...

Fun post, and I love the look of that bean dip!