Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two blogs I read are having contests right now that I would love to win.

My Zoe Bug is giving away these sweet Fall-themed handmade goodies. Leave her a comment about a great birthday gift you've received for a chance to win them.And, AND, Crazy Mom Quilts is giving away TWO things - a patchwork bag,
and this amazing quilt.To have a chance for the bag, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Even if you don't need the bag, it would be swell of you to go leave a comment anyway, and mention my blog in your comment. The more people I can get to leave comments over there, the better chance I have of winning this quilt! Pretty, pretty please? It will only take you a second (that is, if you can avoid getting sucked into looking through all the amazing thing's she's made)! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I saw crazy moms quilt the other day and love it. I have enough fall material to make one but by the time I'd get it done it'd be Christmas.;-)
I really need to start my own blog!
I want to win the quilted bag.
I tried posting on Zoe's bug but it never showed up. I forgot to say the other day the little slippers and bibs you made for J were cute.

Anonymous said...

Okay I also forgot my name!


mamaperreca said...

Ok. I did it for you. However, I don't think you stand a chance against the allaboutmaisy blog person. She has a TON of post referrals on there. Man! LOL! Maybe you will win the purse!

Sarah said...

Thanks! Yeah, it looks like allaboutmaisy is going to win. I need to think of another way to send more people over there.

Allison, you should definitely start your own blog! I'd love to see all the things you make!

Amy said...

Hey there! Earthchick sent me this way...she found me through you! Anonymous oh please do come back and try to post again! I have no idea why it wouldn't show up! Yikes! Sarah? Did you leave a comment under another user name...I hope I hope I hope, I am not seeing it...I hope blogspot doesn't start having porblems!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I got Zoe bug to work.


grandma said...

n't believe you found that snowman like Aunt Celeste had in her window!That quilt and bag are beautiful, but I did not know how to get a comment to her to help you win. Sorry about that.