Thursday, November 15, 2007

Although I should be spending any and all crafting time on Christmas presents, I told myself that a camera bag was a necessity, and quickly threw this together.It's not perfect, but it is the right size, which is more than I can say for my last attempt at a camera bag. It's made from a thrifted pillowcase, so if nothing else, at least this bag was cheap.

I'm struggling a little bit this week, and am very much looking forward to Steve's return. During the day, and even most of the evening, is fine. At some point, however, I start feeling a little smothered and wishing that the kids would go to sleep. Then, when Noah wakes up every fifteen minutes and needs to be nursed back to sleep, and Emma (who absolutely could not be quiet if her life depended on it) comes barging in, talking loudly and banging around, in the end no one - ever- goes to sleep. Last night when they were both finally asleep at around midnight, I really wanted to sit down and relax with a glass of wine. Sadly, we had no wine so I had to make do with tea. In anticipation of more stressful nights while Steve is out of town, I picked up some wine today while we were out. Tonight I am much more prepared for these few precious minutes that I get all to myself. Ahhhhhh.


Anonymous said...

Cute camera bag! Hopefully Emma and Noah slept well last night, so you could enjoy your "me" time.


Amy said...

VERY cute camera bag. ENJOY your wine/me time tonight...I have been there and I so so so understand!

mom said...

Oh, Bunny, I'm glad Steve is returning home today for more than a week. I can't believe you can just "whip up" such a cute camera bag!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... a little wine sounds good. BTW, do you have a healthy cake recipe (carrot?)?


Abby said...

Whenever I read about your sleep woes with Emma & Noah, I laugh about the fact that your blog is entitled "Naptime Musings." I then ask myself when you have time for crafting all these adorable projects, since the littles don't actually sleep!

(S. never sleeps either, btw.)

Mary Beth said...

I agree; how on earth do you manage to craft at all with those two little ones awake constantly? I bow down to you. You totally deserve a little wine time! I love your new camera bag and am still so jealous of the camera, you lucky thing. Oh, and I posted a very healthy carrot cake (Cooking Light) on my blog last summer if you are looking for one. It's delicious and always successful.