Friday, November 16, 2007

Today we made Martha's Spicy Sweet Potato Soup. I realized too late that I didn't have any cardamom, so the soup seemed to be lacking a little something. It might have just been my imagination, but I'm going to try it again soon with all the right seasonings. I decided that it's going to be all soup, all the time around here for awhile. Soup is so comforting, and it's a great way to load up on the veggies. I'm also going to start baking more bread to go with all these fabulous soups I'm planning to make. The bread in the picture, a delicious Spinach Feta Foccacia, was not made by me, but by the talented folks at the Target bakery.Today we visited our favorite thrift store, which is not very convenient, but always worth the trip. Today was no different. I got a bunch of super cheap fabric, and Emma found two dresses that are just her style. And by that I mean that no one else would ever want to wear them. Both had been marked down multiple times - one to 79 cents and the other one to 29 cents! It makes me happy that those dresses that were passed over by everyone else have someone to love them now. And love them, she does. I think she's changed about twenty times since we've been home - just from one dress to the other and back again. When Steve got home he said, "Hey, where did you get that dress? From the 1600's?" So Steve got home from Chicago tonight, and I am so happy. He has to work tomorrow, but then he has nine days off. It's going to be a good week.


Mary Beth said...

I love soup too and agree it's a great way to add in more veggies. I try to do a soup every week in the rotation.

mom said...

Well, I just had Campbell's vegetable beef soup for breakfast. Good for me!
I hope to see Emma in her fancy new clothes soon.

Christina said...

I love that you found Emma some fabulous dresses for such a great price! You are so great at finding such fun things! I had to giggle at the comment Steve said! Ritchie would say something along the lines of...."hey...1600 called...wants their dresses back!" Men!!!!

Sara said...

i love the smocked dress! so sweet.

Anonymous said...

Love Emma she is a free Spirit and a fun one at that. Love her smocked dress remember when our daughter had one with all the smocking across the front thats been about 40 years ago, but hey things come around really often.
I like the sparkly shoes that Emma wears too.
Its so nice you let her be what she wants to be.
Your son is growing up sooooo fast.
He is a little doll.
In reading Abbey's blog sounds like your dog has a new home and fits in beautifully.
Have great Holiday.