Saturday, November 17, 2007

Remember when I was debating whether or not to join those Christmas ornament swaps? Well, I joined one ornament swap, and then another after that, both in addition to one in which I was already participating. One of the swaps had over 600 people join so consequently there was a lot of confusion when the organizers sent out the swap groups. They accidentally included me in two of the groups. I was about to email them to tell them their mistake, but then I thought about the ten additional packages I would receive, as well as ten more handmade ornaments to hang on the tree. Well, a girl can only resist so much, so I ended up keeping quiet about the error and now I am faced with the rather large task of making 31 ornaments to give away. At least I have a willing little pair of hands to "help" me.Emma's room is always a complete disaster. She never puts anything away (argh!) and it's such a nuisance to go in and clean it all up, especially when I know it will be wrecked again in a day or two. There is talk of Steve possibly finishing the office this week, and once it is the kids' room and no longer the office, I would really, really like it to be more organized than Emma's room currently is. I have come up with a solution that hopefully will somewhat solve the problem. Most of Emma's things fall into one of four categories: dress-up, play food and dishes for her kitchen, craft stuff, and books. For the purpose of simplicity, I am going to pack away (at least for a trial period) or give away everything that does not fall into one of those categories. The new room will have four baskets - one for dress-up clothes, one for kitchen stuff, one for craft stuff, and one for baby toys. That way at the end of the day I can just go in there and toss everything in the correct basket and voila, a clean room. Let's hope so, anyway.


Shawn said...

that is a great idea sarah! I also need to go through "stuff" I think I'll take some pics too of her stuff so it's easier for bethany to put her toys away.

Sarah said...

That picture idea is great, Shawn! I'm going to do that too.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to resist packages in the mail! I've started my ornaments, I don't have as many as you have to make but I need to step it up and get them done.
Emma looks cute sewing.
I like the toy idea.