Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I am addicted to swaps. Getting stuff in the mail is so much fun. However, I have so many things to get done before Christmas that I talked myself out of joining this month's craft swap on MDC. I still have other swaps to complete, I've promised several people I'd sew things for them, and of course I still have to make a bunch of Christmas gifts. Thinking about it sort of makes my head spin. Because of all this, I told myself no more swaps until after Christmas. Trouble is, last night I discovered the Holiday Traditions Exchange and the Holiday Ornament Swap. I haven't signed up for either (yet), but I've been mulling it over all day. I'm already participating in an ornament swap for which I will have to make ten ornaments, and when you're already making ten, what's ten more? Right?

Remember, back at the beginning of summer, when I was trying to start running? Well, that fizzled out pretty much back at the beginning of summer. To motivate myself to start up again, I signed up for a 5K on December 9th. My cousin agreed to run it with me, which means I actually have to do it instead of wimping out and just staying in bed that morning. While at my mom's last week, I ran every morning while she watched the kids. It was wonderful! Having time to myself was motivating enough, but I also discovered how much an iPod improves the whole running experience. I could lose myself in the music instead of those "OMG-I'm-dying-I-can't-take-another-step" thoughts that usually plague me while I'm running. Since we've been home, however, I haven't been so motivated. Getting out the door by myself and bundling up the kids, trying to convince Emma to ride in the stroller, and listening to her complain the entire time are two different things entirely. "Cuteness" may be high on the list of my childrens' good qualities, but "convenient" certainly is not.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah now I'm rolling both those swaps around in my head. Should I do it or not??? I have till Friday on one and Sunday on the other to decide. Like you said what's 10 more ornaments. ;-)


P.S. Did your mom recognize anyone from when she was in LLL?

earthchick said...

They are too precious.

I fizzled out on C25K once fall hit - my schedule totally changed and it started getting so dark in the mornings. Any little obstacle to my running schedule and I totally cave. It bums me out b/c I had gotten up to running 20 minutes solid and felt really good about it. I wanted to do a 5K on Thanksgiving, but now I'm in no shape. Phooey.

Good for you for recommitting!

mom said...

I love your saying about cuteness and convenience! I really enjoy your entertaining writing. Mrs. Potthast would be proud of you!

Nicki said...

I wish I had time for any kind of crafty stuff these days. I haven't picked up a paint brush in years!