Wednesday, July 16, 2008

As the new baby's arrival draws closer - about a month away now - I am becoming more and more nervous. How is Noah going to handle suddenly being shoved out of babydom and into middle child status? How am I going to handle having three kids, age four and under? I have heard many people say that the biggest adjustment when having kids is going from no kids to one kid. In my case, that wasn't true at all. When Emma was born, instead of reeling from the shock of having to care for a tiny helpless person before myself at all times, I was so enamored with her that I honestly don't remember there even being any adjustment period. I remember thinking, THIS is what I have been waiting for my whole life. All was great for three years and two months, until I became the mother of two. At that moment, everything that had been so easy before was suddenly much more difficult, and I feel like my quality of mothering (if that makes any sense) dropped considerably. There is always someone getting shafted, and unfortunately for Emma, it's usually her just because she's older. So now I can't help but wonder how another new baby is going to change things, and if having another kid is going to turn me into some crazy, mean, neglectful mommy. Sigh.

In other more light-hearted news, I have a little bit of exciting (for me) news about Emma. For three years she had no hair, and then for another year and a half she refused to wear ponytails, barrettes, headbands, or anything else in her hair. Now, completely out of nowhere, she wants me to put pigtails or barrettes in her hair every day, and then she actually keeps them in! Yay!


Abbie said...

Oh, Sarah, you will be a great mom of three. Maybe you will enjoy having three even more than having never know!

Mom said...

I laughed out loud at the image of you as a neglectful mom. Frazzled, maybe, but certainly not a bad mom!
Emma looks adorable, and will probably be more and more helpful with her sweet siblings.

Katie said...

What a cute picture of emma! What a ham. :)

I think your own family is a wonderful example of what a good mom can accomplish with more than one child. You will be great, and i'm sure noah will adjust just as well as emma has to having a younger sibling. I can't believe the new one is only a month away! :)

Christina said...

You are and will be an amazing Mommy to 3 kiddos! Going from 2 to 3 was really hard for me. I feel frazzled and frustrated most days, but...that comes with the territory of 3 little children! That said...I love every second of it! Emma will be your big helper. Noah will be a charming middle child, and "new baby" will be smothered with love! It'll all work out!

Emma.....WOW!! You better watch out for that girl! HEARTBREAKER! I love the picture! And her hair is so adorable in piggie tails! Yay for hairdos!

Allison said...

I think we all have those fears while pregnant and find out afterwards that everything works out in the end.

I love reading your moms comments!

Emma looks so cute in her pigtails and sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Crazy hormones makes us question things, but you are a great mom and will be to 3. Our youngest had a 4 year old and were suprised with twins they are still overwhelmed, but great parents and know you will be as well.
Love the pictues of the children and Emmas hair is adorable.

Mr. Hamons Class said...

Just look at that grin, coupled with the pigtails- cuteness! I share your wonder about how to make the transition to more kids. Fortunately, we know lots of great moms of many kids, so maybe they can impart their wisdom on us. =)