Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I have spent most of the morning today and the first part of the afternoon trying to decide if we should go out or not. I have errands to run, but is it worth digging my van out from under the snow and taking the little ones out in the freezing cold? We need groceries and although I could scrounge around and find stuff for us to eat, we have no cream, half and half, or milk, and I need at least one of those for my coffee. This morning I tried to drink it black, and blech! All day I've been missing my coffee, which means the real question is, is it worth braving the elements so I can have a good cup of coffee? I've waited long enough that the decision has basically made itself for me, because I have to pick Emma up at 3:00 anyway. Oh Starbucks, here I come!Our Christmas tree is struggling. Since we put it up, it's been knocked over several times. Yesterday, while rolling around on the birth ball, Emma grabbed the tree to steady herself and down it went. Some part of the base must have bent when it fell because I couldn't get the tree to stand up quite right after that. While I was making dinner the kids knocked it over three more times, and I finally threatened that if it fell one more time I was taking it down. Of course, about thirty seconds later Noah pulled it down on top of himself so I removed all the ornaments and promised to take down the tree all together after dinner. Steve came home and called me a Scrooge, then stood the tree up again and fixed the base so that it would be sturdier. I ended up not taking it down, but now it has no ornaments, some of the lights have been pulled off, and one side is all smashed in from hitting the floor so many times. Very festive, let me tell you.
These photos, which have absolutely nothing to do with this post, were all taken in the last two days. I like them because they all seem to show off the kids' blue eyes.


Anonymous said...

It must be the year for falling Christmas trees our year old grand
daughter toppled theirs and now won't go close to it, but the other twin isn't afraid yet anyway.
Your children have pretty blue eyes.
Hope the tree stays upright until time to take it down.

Allison said...

Poor tree! Ours has about 10 ornaments and I need to get the rest on it soon.

I hope you got your coffee fix!

Cute pictures.

Deanna said...

beautiful pictures!

We have a big gate around our tree...Little London was "helping" us undecorate as quickly as we could decorate it this year.

Mom said...

I loved your post and pictures. Doesn't Noah look like he is thinking, "I can't wait to run into the living room and knock that Christmas tree over"!

Beth said...

what cuties! Your not a scrooge for not wanting to deal with it getting knocked over again!

Kararific said...

Beautiful pictures and BEAUTIFUL kids :-)

and I remember those days with the tree, haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those pictures are great. That one of Emma, in particular, is outstanding.

Our tree hasn't fallen yet. Knock on wood. But it is totally only decorated on the top half! Perfect trees are overrated!

Tresa said...

Where's a picture of your tree? That will be a photo you can look back on in several years and giggle at.

Hamons said...

Those charming-looking adorable children knocked over the tree? Hard to believe! Beautiful blue eyes!