Thursday, December 18, 2008

I made a batch of gingersnaps to bring along when we went to the lake for Thanksgiving, and at least once a day since then, my brain begs me to make them again. Twice I've given in, and then been somewhat regretful because once they are here I lose all control over myself and I can't stop eating them. I think part of the problem is that I use whole wheat pastry flour to make them, and then convince myself that they aren't really so bad because it least they are whole wheat. Never mind the three sticks of butter and two cups of sugar thrown in as well. I was planning to make some for a cookie swap tomorrow, but since we have been running around nonstop for the last two days, I've decided to stay home instead. But don't think I won't still be making the gingersnaps!I did meet up with some friends for two swaps yesterday - another ornament swap and a holiday swap. I made more houses for the ornament swap, and in case you are getting tired of looking at these little houses, I promise that this is the last picture of them. For the other swap, we were just supposed to make some random item, and I made embellished towels. I was planning to do patchwork, but I waited too long and had to take the easy way out. I wanted to use kitchen-y type fabrics, and I found all of these food related prints in my stash. I actually had even more food prints so I had to narrow it down. I think having so many fabrics about food alone means I might have a little bit of a fabric hoarding problem. A couple people couldn't make it yesterday so I don't have all the swap items yet, but when I get them all I'll post a picture. The things I did receive were lovely.
One more thing - I just got some jumbo muffin pans in the mail from my friends at and I love them. The only thing in the world better than a chocolate chip pumpkin muffin is a huge chocolate chip pumpkin muffin. Okay, or maybe a gingersnap.


Mom said...

If you have any gingersnaps left, you can bring some to our house for Christmas since we all loved them at Thanksgiving.

Mom said...

PS--I just read a recipe for peppermint bark on the Everyday Cheapskate website. Were you planning to bring that for Chirstmas as well?!

Christina said...

I seriously don't know WHEN you find time to do all of your little crafties! You are super mom/wonderwoman! I can barely find time to get a shower!
As usual all of your little craft items/baking goods look FANTASTIC!

P.S. I'll take some of those cookies off your hands so you don't have to eat them all by yourself! :)

Hamons said...

What a fun time to craft and bake. Your pumpkin chip muffin looks delicious! And it's probably healthy as it's made with ww flour, too, right? ;)