Monday, December 07, 2009

Tomorrow morning is when I have to turn in all the paperwork for the cookie sales for Emma's entire Daisy Scout troop. The girls turned in their orders to me almost a month ago so I've had quite awhile to complete this ridiculous amount of paperwork, but so far I've done exactly nothing. That is, of course, why I decided to update my blog right now - I just love a little procrastination!I've sort of been dreading putting up our tree this year because (if this year is anything like last year) I don't want to deal with rehanging a bunch of ornaments every time it gets knocked down, but also because it takes up a lot of space, and space here is pretty limited to begin with. Our train table, which is in the exact spot where we always put our tree, gets a lot of use every day so I was reluctant to move that as well. When I was complaining about all this to my mom, she suggested a perfectly wonderful plan - get a smaller tree! The kiddos and I picked one out this week and it's itty bitty but I am totally thrilled with it. I went through all our ornaments and picked out the ones that weren't breakable, didn't have much or any sentimental value, and didn't have any chokable parts. I packed those away and gave all the rest to the kids to decorate the tree however they wanted. It still looks plenty festive, it doesn't take up much room, and so far it's only fallen once. What more could a person want?St. Nicholas came to our house over the weekend and, in addition to some fun stuff for the kids, he also brought me this necklace. My, but he has good taste! I can't say for sure, but I'm betting he got the necklace here.
Oh yeah, and we're still into "fancy" around here.


Abbie said...

Maybe David and I should consider getting a smaller, less kitty-climbable tree.

Anonymous said...

Noah (or should I say Noahess)


Paw Paw

Mom said...

It was fun to read a story from last year. Aren't you glad you have a blog so you have these amusing records of family life!

Sylvia C. said...

Hi there! It's a pleasure to meet you (and an honor to be featured on your blog).
Your kids are adorable!


Hamons said...

Great idea on the tree, make it fit your current life better. Someday, you'll look back and laugh at all these stories =). Beautiful necklace!

Allison said...

You tree looks great! We down sized our tree because it was too big. My children decorated the tree this year with a lot of help from Amy. There are 4-5 ornaments in each spot.

I love your necklace! Saint Nicholas has good taste! I take it you finished up the cookie papers.

Abby said...

We just downsized our tree as well. I was begging T not to put it up this year because last year was such a fiasco... and then I found a new-in-box small, skinny tree that is perfect for us (at goodwill, for $1.98). Yay!

LOVE your pics. Love, love.