Friday, January 08, 2010

I picked up all the Girl Scout cookies last weekend and have been slowly distributing them to the Daisy Scouts this week. We did end up having snow days yesterday and today so I still have quite a few boxes in my living room. I will be so glad when all this cookie business is over. My kids, on the other hand, probably won't. No matter how many times I tell them to leave the cookie boxes alone, they just look at the stack of boxes and see a big jungle gym and they can't quite keep themselves away. Those boxes have been played with so much in the last week that I'm a bit concerned that, instead of Girl Scout cookies, everyone is going to be receiving Girl Scout cookie crumbs.This week has been a little rough for me. This is a really hard month for Steve at work and he will be working minimum fourteen hour days throughout January. Tonight we picked him up and went out for dinner, then dropped him back off at work, and that was the first time he's seen the kids all week. Which means that I've been alone, stuck in the house with these three, all week long and there's no hope for an end to it soon. Really, for the most part it's not so terrible, but doing bedtime alone stresses me out. By the time I'm putting them to bed, I feel like my patience for the day is completely spent. Of course, they never want to go to bed and there is SO much dawdling and messing around that most nights are not without some yelling on my part. :( At the same time, I know Steve is probably feeling stressed at work so I'm trying to find a happy medium between wallowing in my own misery and feeling sorry for him, too. Besides, now the kids are asleep and I'm free to do as I please, and poor Steve is still at work at 11:09 on a Friday night. I hope we will get to see him for a few hours this weekend, although I'm not really counting on it. Heaven help me get through this month!

Anyway, that's enough whining. Have a good weekend!


Mom said...

Golly, that's amazing about the cookies. It is 12:10 and I sure hope poor Steve is home. I am sorry for both of you with this hard month.
I love Emma's new shirt.

Jaime said...

When I was a girl scout, I remember the same mountain of cookie boxes in our apartment!

Second, you are totally welcome to come hang out with us! I am not far from you, I have expresso/latte machine and a huge basement for the kids to run in! Email me!

Hamons said...

That is a towering stack of cookies, I can see why they are so inviting!

I often feel the same way at bedtime. It's difficult to be patient and nurturing so they drift off to sleep happily when I'm not feeling it myself. Something that helps break up my days so I can be more patient at bedtime is having daytime visitors - let us know if you want company or you all could come here!

Funnily, the code word to post my comment has the word rest in it =)

Christina said...

First of all....can you send ALL the thin mints MY WAY?!?! The baby needs them!! :) hehe

What does Steve do for work?! I can sympathize with you about not seeing your hubby. Ritchie has to leave work before the kids get up, and he usually doesn't get home until after they go to bed. So I feel your pain on the "solo bedtime" And trust're not the only mom who yells...(guilty) Hang in there! You're doing great!