Thursday, December 02, 2010

Christmas season is officially in progress around here! We had promised the kids we would put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, and they were seriously beside themselves with excitement. I wanted to put up the little tree again, but I was outvoted 4-1. Sunday afternoon, we set up the tree and then immediately discovered that very few of last year's lights still worked (doesn't that always happen?) so we had to pause work on the tree for a run to the store. One store turned into two and then it was time for dinner and then we remembered that Emma still had homework to do, and before we knew it, it was time for the kids to go to bed.

They were pretty upset so we let them each pick out four ornaments to hang on the tree, with a promise that we'd finish the tree as soon as Emma got home from school on Monday, along with some hot chocolate and gingersnap cookies. We still had the cookies left from when I made them for Thanksgiving, but I immediately regretted offering up the hot chocolate. We don't ever have hot chocolate here, and I don't even really like it much, so I wasn't relishing the idea of a trip to the store just to get some.When I talked to my mom the next morning, she suggested I make it from scratch. Ah-ha! Why didn't I think of that, or even realize it was possible? So that afternoon, we had a fun time decorating the tree while munching on cookies and drinking some really really delicious hot chocolate. (It probably didn't hurt that I added some Bailey's to mine!) It was so easy to make, and so much tastier, that I will certainly not ever use the powdered stuff again. I actually made some more that night after the kids were in bed, just for Steve and myself. Yum!

Now that the tree is up, I am glad we ended up going with the bigger one. It hasn't been knocked over yet, although we've has several ornament casualties already. I thought I put all the breakable stuff at the top, but apparently the kiddos can find a way to break even non-breakable things!

And this is totally unrelated, but I got some new slippers and I am so in love with them. If you see me this winter, you can probably expect me to be wearing these slippers (and likely drinking hot chocolate as well)!


Chick in the Czech said...

Homemade hot chocolate is way better. That's all we ever have because I never think to buy the packets, either.

Laura said...

Your room looks so warm with the adorable smiles, wall color, rug and pretty tree. All the better with homemade hot chocolate!

Mom said...

Oh, Sarah, I'm so glad you wrote again, and I reread the last two Christmas tree posts and laughed out loud!
I didn't realize that adorable picture we have hanging in our entryway of Emma is two years old already.

Your new rug looks so pretty on the picture.

I should probably start making homemade hot chocolate myself! We have probably drunk more hot chocolate than any other family over the years, and I always use the packages. Can you post your recipe?

Allison said...

Maybe post a picture of you drinking your hot chocolate wearing your slippers!!