Wednesday, December 22, 2010

We have been busy making so many things here. I think my kids are at the most fun age for Christmas. They are so excited about every single aspect of Christmas, particularly the gift-giving one. Noah brings me his toys all day long, wanting me to help him wrap them for Emma and Allie, and Emma is hard at work pretty much every spare minute, making cards, ornaments, and presents for everyone she can think of.One of the things we have made so far is marshmallows. I made simple little baskets for Noah's teachers with hot chocolate, candy canes, and the marshmallows.They were really fun to make, and I think they turned out pretty well. Just one more reason to have more hot chocolate around here!


Monica said...

The groupon for Tucson, AZ (where my parents live) today is for a gift basket exactly like what you're giving. Guess how much it costs?? $52!!! Those are "artisan marshmellows"!

Thanks for posting the link to the recipe-we'll have to try it; think it would work with a hand mixer instead of a stand mixer?


Laura said...

Those look like fin gifts to make and give! Kids' enthusiasm for gift-giving is so sweet and genuine.

Sarah said...

Monica, I think a hand mixer would work, although your arms might get pretty tired after 10-15 minutes of mixing!

If you do try them, I suggest reading the comments because there are several good suggestions in there, such as rolling them in powdered sugar after cutting.

Mom said...

I am nibbling on one of the marshmallows right now and can confirm that they are delicious as well as beautiful!
It is very precious how generous your children are with presents, and how you are setting a good example for them!

Allison said...

Cute gift baskets!