Friday, February 25, 2011

So, remember how I mentioned that Emma had lost a couple teeth? Well, the first time around our tooth fairy behaved like a respectable little tooth fairy should, bringing her gift on the actual night that the tooth was lost. The second time around, however, she totally choked - not once, but twice. Both mornings Emma was disappointed, and I guess she wanted to make sure that she wasn't forgotten again, because when I finally stealthily reached under her regular pillow to grab her tooth pillow on the third night, I found it laying on top of this sweet little note:I wrote a sloppy reply, trying to disguise my handwriting, and I guess she fell for it, because she seemed to have forgiven the tooth fairy by the next morning. Hopefully the tooth fairy can get it together before any more teeth are lost!

Tonight we are having a sleepover at our house with two other little girls from Emma's class. I think they've been having a great time so far, but now they've been in bed for about an hour and I can still hear very loud whispering coming from the room. I am tired and would like to be in bed, but I can't really go to sleep while they are all still awake...hence the blog update! Steve said he would keep an eye on them for the rest of the night, but he is watching a movie with his headphones in the living room, which means he is essentially deaf to whatever is going on in Emma's bedroom. Also, being engrossed in the movie, he is completely oblivious to the little girls who are getting out of bed to go to the bathroom (again) or get a drink (again) or just to tell us they can't sleep.

Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure that there was never very much actual sleep going on at the sleepovers when I was a kid. Maybe I'm being naive to think these girls are actually going to go to sleep? Do the parents really have to stay up as long as the kids are awake? Hmmm... I might have to give this some more thought before agreeing to any more sleepovers in the future! In the mean time, I suppose I better go find something to do to keep me awake for as long as I'm forced to stay up. Yawn.

Monday, February 21, 2011

This sweet girl turned seven last Monday. Doesn't she look like an old kid? We had three celebrations due to different people being in town and different friends being able to come over other days, but it was just our own family on her actual birthday, which was perfect.I guess to celebrate being seven, she has been losing teeth like nobody's business. Her first one was loose for months, and she wouldn't let anyone touch it. Finally it was so loose she could turn it all the way around in her mouth, but it still was not out. My parents were in town at that point, and one morning we all went out for breakfast. Emma spent a good chunk of the meal crying about her tooth, unable to eat, yet still unwilling to let anyone get near it. I was starting to worry that this whole business of losing teeth might be more drama than it was worth. Luckily, that afternoon she was sitting on the couch, absentmindedly moving at around with her tongue, and it just fell out! I think she was surprised at how easy and painless it was. By then she had two more loose teeth, one of which just popped out Friday morning while she was brushing her teeth, completely drama-free. Hurray!

I had been planning to make little tooth pillows for all my kids, but when I mentioned that to Emma last summer, she said she wanted to make one herself. Even though I was the teeniest bit sad that I didn't get to do it, I let her pick out the fabric, plan the design, and sew it all herself (well, I helped stitch on the little heart pocket). So, when that first tooth finally fell out, there was a sweet little pillow already waiting for it. (For some reason, this picture is showing up sideways and I can't for the life of me figure out why. I'm not going to spend any more time on it, so just tilt your head a little and you'll be good.)