Friday, October 21, 2005

Remember that bedroom that I was going to paint this week? And the curtains I was going to sew? Well, for your amusement, here's what I accomplished.
Plus, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of the World's Cutest Kid.


HeyMamaJulie said...

LOL! Okay, your painting project did give me a chuckle. Love the color, though!
And Emma..... ahhhhh. Cute!

Katie said...

I love her cute lil smile!!

Abbinator said...

I think Emma should come to Kirksville to trick-or-treat. I hear they give out super-healthy snacks here and only candy that rots teeth in Kansas City.

Anonymous said...

Nice sneer!!!!

Paw paw

Anonymous said...

Abbie, that's so sweet!