Thursday, October 20, 2005

The tea I was raving about is not what I said it was. It's actually Moroccan Red Pomegranite. Well, I was close anyway.

Today I got a package from Dharma Trading Co. and it was filled with those little puffy packing peanuts. Only there was a note inside explaining that they were made from the starch from corn and potatoes and are completely biodegradable. You can toss them in your sink and dissolve them with water, or you can throw them on your compost pile. How cool is that? The note said they were about twice as expensive as regular styrofoam ones, which makes it even more cool of Dharma to do that. Good for them!

I've been on a co-op binge lately. In the last month, I've joined co-ops for Pedoodles (twice), Tom's of Maine, Burt's Bees, LLL books, Sigg bottles, BabyLegs, and - coming soon - some more Dharma stuff. I've also participated in four swaps. Oh, how the mailman is going to love me!

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Jen said...

Those peanuts are great for art projects, too! Just dampen the ends of them with water (or saliva), and you can stick them end to end or build things with them or anything. The starch dissolved just enough to re-stick to other stuff if you dampen it just a little. You can also color on them with markers. We used them all the in the science preschool classes I taught and kids LOVE them!