Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yesterday I brought two big bags of clothes to Children's Orchard, hoping to be able to sell them. I'd never sold any clothes there before, and I was sort of disappointed. I only brought nice, brand name stuff, and I was thinking they'd take most of it. As soon as I got there, however, the lady warned me that they aren't taking much stuff because their inventory is so high. Rats. She hardly took anything. I did end up getting $40 from the stuff she wanted, but now I still have two bags of clothes sitting here. There was a dress in there that we bought from that same place about three weeks ago. Emma picked it out, but when we got home the elastic in the sleeves bothered her so after about five minutes she took it off. I washed it and brought it back, and they didn't want it anymore!

Emma's binkie has been a big source of consternation around here. She is only supposed to have it in bed and in the car, but it never really works out that way because she asks for it when she's sad or hurt or something and I usually give in, or else she'll find one somewhere and try to hide from me while it's in her mouth. So many times I just wanted to throw all the dumb binkies in the trash, but didn't, because before too long we're going to transition her to her own bed and doing that without a binkie would lead to way more crying and whining than I'm willing to endure. Luckily, last week I heard a great tip and now the whole binkie issue is much better. I tied her binkie to a stuffed animal. I told her she can have it whenever she wants, so she was really happy, but it's too much of a pain for her to carry around the bunny as well so she hardly ever has it in! It's great!


Anonymous said...

Can you make little clips with sissors in the elastic all way around to make it more loose on Emma's arms?
Have great time with your little ones.

earthchick said...

Bummer about the Children's Orchard. It is so hard to get rid of stuff! - and especially to get what it's worth.

p.s. You've been tagged! Check out my blog for details.

Anonymous said...

But don't you want to save all of your clothes for the next time you have a little girl? It will be funny if future daughters always want to wear pants!

OC Mama said...

That sucks about the Children's orchard. We have them here but you have to make an appointment and the last time I called their next appointment was a month away!! So I gave it all away. LOL